Saturday, October 19th, 2019

We have a 250 mile drive that will be approximately 6 hours of drive time. We will leave the Fontana Village Resort and drive South on Hwy 28, also known as the Moonshiner 28, for about an hour to Franklin, NC. There we will have an early lunch at Fatz Southern Kitchen and then drive the fantastic Wayah Rd through the Nantahala National Forest. From there we will head North on Hwy 129 towards Robbinsville, NC where we will stop for fuel and restroom break. Soon after leaving Robbinsville, we will drive through the Cherohala Skyway and witness the beautiful Autumn views of miles and miles of colored changing mountain ranges and forestation. We will travel the Skyway to the very end, where we can make another fuel and restroom stop. We will then head down Hwy 68 towards Murphy, NC, where the Appalachian Driving Experience is hosting us for a cookout. We will spend some time having a Porsche hangout at their gorgeous facility before making the hour trip back to the Fontana Village Resort and should arrive there just as the sun is setting.

Sunday, October 20th , 2019

We have a 150 mile drive that will be about 4 and a half hours of driving. We will leave Fontana Village Resort and travel North on Hwy 28 (also known as the Hellbender) towards Deal’s Gap and the Killboy store. We will take a right onto US 129, known as the Tail of the Dragon, and follow 129 until we reach the Foothills Parkway, where we will take a right. We will follow the breathtaking scenes of the Foothills Parkway to the end, where we will take a right onto Hwy 321 towards Wear’s Valley and Pigeon Forge. Before reaching Pigeon Forge we will turn onto the new “Missing Link” section of the Foothills Parkway, where you will see some of the most beautiful roads and mountain scenery in the country. This will take us back onto the Foothills Parkway going the opposite direction, but we will make a detour onto Butterfly Gap road, where we will circle down the mountain and the site of Porsches winding down this back-country mountain road will be epic. We will continue our Tennessee country road journey along the side of the mountain, until we reach US 129 again, but near the Little Tennessee River. We will travel back South through the Tail of the Dragon and back onto Hwy 28, travelling to the Fontana Dam for a photo shoot. To end the event at Tapoco Lodge and Tavern, we will go back to the Fontana Village Resort, and take the secluded Meadow Branch Road, which may be the most fun road on the trip. This will put us out right at the Tapoco Lodge and tavern for an early dinner, where we will conclude the event.


Have your Porsche ready, we will be doing a lot of driving! The changing of the colors in the Smoky Mountains are legendary and the timing should be right for some breathtaking views on the best driving roads our country has to offer! We look forward to seeing you all soon!

Saturday, October 19th, 2019

8:00 am :             Registration check-in opens

8:30-9:30 am :   Driver’s meeting in the Carolina Meeting Room at Fontana Village Resort

9:30 am :             Staging for the drive

10:00 am :           Leaving Fontana Village Resort, taking a right on Hwy 28, heading to Franklin, NC

11:00 am :          Stopping at Fatz Southern Kitchen in Franklin, NC for an early lunch

12:00 pm :          Leaving Franklin to drive Wayah Rd, then North on US129 to Robbinsville NC with a stop at the Shell and Texaco for fuel and rest stop. From there we will drive the Cherohala Skyway to the end at Tellico Village. Once we arrive at Tellico Village we can stop for a break and gas at Exxon if needed. We will turn left on Hwy 68 and head towards Murphy, NC.

4-5:30 pm :        Arrive at Appalachian Driving Experience for a cookout and Porsche hangout

5:30 pm :           An hour drive back to Fontana Village Resort


Sunday, October 20th , 2019


10:30 am :        Meet at the General Store at the Fontana Village Resort to stage for the drive.

11:00 am :        Turn left out of the Fontana Village Resort onto Hwy 28, heading towards Deal’s Gap and the Killboy store. We will take a right and drive the legendary Tail of the Dragon and turn onto the Foothills Parkway. We will stop for gas and a restroom break before travelling down US 321 to get onto the “Missing Link” of the Foothills Parkway and travel  back through the Foothills Parkway until we reach Butterfly Gap. From there we will take some Tennessee country back roads down the mountain and follow through the foothills of the Smoky Mountains trough 6 Mile and 4 Mile Roads, and turn left onto US 129. We will travel back through the Tail of the Dragon, and get onto Hwy 28 at Deal’s Gap. We will continue through the Hellbender and will stop at Fontana Dam on the left, just a few miles before reaching the Fontana Village Resort.

3:00 pm : Photo Shoot at Fontana Dam

3:30 pm : Leave the dam, proceed back to the Fontana Village Resort , stay right in the resort and take Hwy 1246 from the resort, through Meadow Branch Rd and it will take us directly to the Tapoco Lodge and Tavern.

4:00 pm : Early dinner at Tapoco Lodge and Tavern and the conclusion of the event.

SATURDAY, JUNE 13th, 2020

We will finalize the schedule by April 2020.

SUNDAY, JUNE 14th, 2020

We will finalize the schedule by April 2020.